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#2 by George
11 Sep 2015, 16:01
Welcome to the forum of!

Before using this forum, we want you to read through these rules and later on to comply with these:

First considering, then posting

Before posting an input, you should check, if it fits with our regulations. The choice of suitable language and words for your texts is very important and should be readable and relevant for all forum- users.

Be respectful with others

Any way of verbal abuse and insult or slander have nothing to do with TRIFAL and are strictly forbidden. Constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement with a respectful and suitable choice of words are allowed of course. In case of problems with other users, do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email to

The forum is no place for political discussions

The enthusiasm for football combines so many people and cultures around the world. So please refrain the posting of any threads with political extremism or misused, annoying, vulgar, obscene, or hate generated content. A violation of this rule means an irrevocable ban.

Advertisement and spam

It is not allowed to post any websites, advertisements or spam in our forum. The forum is just used for topics based around football and is of course in connection with TRIFAL.

Have fun in our forum,

your TRIFAL- Team :)

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