Trifal takes next step

By 20. July 2016Allgemein

Dear Trifal-users,
After a detailed analysis of two seasons, we proudly announce that our company has developed a unique system which is capable of calculating 80 percent of the analysed results in a right manner. However the current performance of Trifal is just considered an intermediate step towards a real football fantasy-manager, which determines the winner by his own skill instead of just acting as an ordinary game of luck.
The final concept of this particular manager game is now available and we are currently looking for potential business partners, who are ready for taking the next step with us.

Regarding the technical implementation of the Trifal-app we unfortunately have to make a step back meaning that we are shutting down the game-simulator as well as the betting game for the current season.
A special thanks goes to all our users who supported us in season 2015/16. We hope to welcome you next year to our football fantasy manager-game.

Best regards
Your Trifal-team