Concept for the use of a football fantasy game


Does daily fantasy sport count as a game of luck?
This unsolved question will become a major issue for European lawyers within the next view years. Considering the example of the USA, where the sales figures of daily fantasy games are frequently beating records, it is only a matter of time until this trend will gain fame within the European market.

Alongside the team of Trifal we worked on an efficient solution considering the question which components a game of skill needs to contain in order not to be mixed up with pure gambling. Furthermore our concept aims to provide its users with a combination of real-time data and the components of a classical manager game which consequently enables the user to simulate complete championships over a longer period of time.

Our self-developed software proves that our system is capable of calculating 80% of the analysed games in a right manner. The combination with the concept of Trifal 2.0 results in a manager game which clearly determines the winner by his own skill. Consequently this particular game is outside the scope of the gambling law.

Considering the implementation of Trifal 2.0 we are currently looking for investors who are ready to join our unique project which is located within the highly profitable category of daily fantasy sports.

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