Here are some infos on the Tournament:

You can place your bets for each league and will automatically take part in the free competition. At the end of the season, the CCC-Highscore leader of each League will win an iPhone 6.
But the absolute highlight is that the combined category winner (highest total sum of points won by placing bets in all three leagues) will receive and iPad Pro!
The CCC-Tournament will beginn on the following dates:

Premier League: Starts on 02. Jan 2016
Deutsche Bundesliga: Starts on 22. Jan 2016
Austrian Bundesliga: Starts on 06. Feb 2016

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Rules for the Couch-Coach-Champion-Tournament

1. SV Consult GmbH, Derfflingerstrasse 14C, 4020 Linz, AT is the organiser of the Couch Coach Champion Tournament (from now on referred to as CCC-Tournament).

2. Participation in the CCC-Tournament is free of charge and independent of the acquisition of products or services. By taking part in the CCC-Tournament, the participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

3. There is a separate CCC-Tournament for each league. Additionally, there will be a tournament for all 3 leagues.

4. The winner will be selected as follows:

  1. Number of points (4 points for the correct bet, two points for the correct goal difference, one point for the correct result tendency)
  2. If participants are tied in place by points, the number of correctly placed bets is used to determinate the winners
  3. If participants are tied in place by the number of correctly placed bets, a raffle will determine the winners. The raffle will be held in camera one day after the respective CCC-Tournament has ended. (last round of the Austrian Bundesliga, German Bundesliga as well as the Premier League). Bei gleicher Anzahl der exakten Ergebnistipps entscheidet ein Losungsverfahren. Die Verlosung findet unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit bereits einen Tag nach Abschluss der jeweiligen Couch Coach Champion Turniere statt. (letzte Runde der Österreichischen Bundesliga, der Deutschen Bundesliga sowie der Premier League).

5. Anyone who has registered on and completed their profile settings is eligible to participate. The participation in the CCC-tournament is strictly personal; taking part in someone’s stead is prohibited. Participation via Lottery Service Companies is also strictly forbidden. Employees of SV Consult GmbH and others involved in the conception and realisation of the CCC-Tournament are also excluded from participating. The “owner” of the email address used to sign up to the CCC-Tournament is the participant. There is a restriction of one entry per person per League (one person can participate once in each CCC-Tournament; that is once in the Austrian Bundesliga, once in the German Bundesliga, once in the Premier League and once in the general Tournament); exceeding the participation limit may result in the loss of participation eligibility, at the discretion of SV Consult GmbH.

6. Participation in the CCC-Tournament is only possible within the specified period of time.
7. The continued availability of individual websites cannot be guaranteed. SV Consult GmbH will not be held responsible for any technical faults, such as server failure or failure of data delivery to the Simulator.

8. The winner will be promptly notified by email. If required, the winner is obliged to answer the prize notification and provide any requested address or other information to SV Consult GmbH immediately or within no more than 14 days. Failure to do so will result in the loss of entitlement to the prize.

9. As long as the prize can be send by courier, the prize will be sent to the winner. For this, the winner will be asked to provide his or her address before the prize can be dispatched. As soon as the prize is passed on to the courier, risk passes to the winner. SV Consult GmbH will take no responsibility for damage caused by or loss during shipment. The winners address is collected, saved, used and – if necessary – passed on to a third party, such as a courier, solely for delivery purposes. There will be no further use of the address. Please also read the SV Consult GmbH Privacy Statement. SV Consult GmbH will bear the delivery costs.

10. Only the prizes mentioned and described within the scope of the CCC-Tournament will be played off or raffled. A cash payment or the exchange of prizes is not possible. The prizes are non-transferrable.

11. SV Consult GmbH reserves the right to suspend the tournament if difficulties arise that may put the integrity of the CCC-Tournament at risk.

12. Any liability for damage by SV Consult GmbH and its institutions, employees and vicarious agents in connection with the CCC-Tournament, is, to the extent permitted by law and irrespective of legal ground, restricted to cases of deliberate acts or rough negligence.

13. Participants’ personal data will be collected, saved, used and – if necessary – passed on to a third party, such as a courier, solely within the scope of the CCC-Tournament and exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the respective competition. There will be no further use of the address. Please also read the SV Consult GmbH Privacy Statement.

14. The verdict is unchallengable.