Apart from the TRIFAL tipping game, you are also able to create your own tipping community, FREE OF CHARGE. Select your preferred mode: result or tendency based bets. Invite your friends and family and let the fun begin!

TRIFAL’s clever evaluation system allows you to place bets in all three leagues, giving you two scores at the end of every game: a daily as well as an overall score. This means that new members can be added to the group continuously, without being disadvantaged.

We have made betting games even more exciting: your opponents’ bets will be displayed for the entire duration of the game, starting with the kick-off! 90 action-packed minutes, cheering for those goals that will get YOU ahead in the game.

Whilst bets placed in your tipping community can only be seen by group members, you can always check how well you’re doing compared to the rest of the TRIFAL Community in the Highscores ranking.


The Simulator and it’s predictions are the heart of TRIFAL.
However: Every user faces the challenge of selecting the right performance data from our database to ensure precise predictions.

Choose a match, change the line- up AND the Player Scores and calculate the outcome of the upcoming game. Take advantage of our extensive database on performance data to tweak individual Player Scores.

Soon, an array of performance filters will be available to facilitate your choice of Player Scores by showing you a player’s average performance according to previous games. We are working hard to bring you these filters as soon as possible!
Alternatively, examine a player’s performance development yourself to choose a Player Score for the next match.

Our simulator offers the following main features:

  • Result calculation of past and upcoming matches
  • Individual modification of Player Scores
  • Extensive performance filters for convenient Player Score modification
  • Individual modification of the line- up and tactical options
  • Detailed analysis of every single player
  • Convenient presentation of the players´ performance curves
  • Automatic line-up update about one hour before kick-off
  • Player Score update about 30 minutes after the end of the game
  • All Player Scores of the 2014/15 season
  • Performance comparison between goal keeper, defence, midfield players and strikers


Not only will you find every single player’s performance data for this season, we have also made the 2014/2015 season data available to you. All performance data is provided by our partner OPTA, a worldwide specialist in sport analysis.

Where do you find the up to date Player Score?
Simple: In the simulator, you will find a circled number next to the football jerseys. That number, ranging from 0-100, is the Player Score.


Compete against all registered TRIFAL users FOR FREE in our betting game to show that you’re a true football expert.

How? Choose an upcoming match on our HOMEPAGE and click the PLACE A BET button.

By viewing the HIGHSCORE at the end of the game, find out how well you placed your bet in comparison to the entire TRIFAL community.

0 points … for a completely wrong tip (e.g.: your tip: Chelsea vs. Tottenham 0:2 — result: 1:0)
1 point … for a correct tendency- tip (e.g.: your tip: Arsenal vs. West Ham 4:1 – result: 1:0)
2 points … for a correct tendency tip and the correct goal difference (e.g.: your tip: Arsenal vs. West Ham 4:1 – result: 1:0)
4 points … for a completely correct result- tip (e.g.: your tip: Man United vs. ManCity 2:0 – result 2:0)

Couch Coach Champion

Detailed information will be announced in the news as soon as possible.