What is TRIFAL?

TRIFAL is a data- service- tool with real performance data ( Player Index Score ) for every single footballer of the Austrian, German and English 1st divisions. It also includes a betting- game and a betting-group feature: create your own groups for free! TRIFAL’s one of a kind Result Simulator uses real performance data to simulate future games, predicting the outcome so that you can place better bets. Users can tweak every player’s performance data. TRIFAL has an extensive database of each footballer’s history, which is available to users for a more precise simulation.

How do these result predictions work?

Our calculations are based on each player’s performance data and the teams’ formations. This has allowed us to predict 80% of past games correctly. We use the same formulas – which are specific to each league – to predict upcoming games.

What is the Player Index Score?

The Player Index Score offers a rating system for all the football players, giving them between 0-100 points according to their performance in past games. The Index has grown over the past years through the expertise of OPTA DATA and comprises over 140 categories, according to which the athletes are rated.

When will the most recent performance data be accessible?

The up to date Player Index Score will be published 30 minutes after the start of the match. On our homepage, keep an eye on the “OPTA Player Score” for every game to make sure you stay up to date.

Which performance data are uploaded at the start of a simulation?

Here you have to differentiate between past and upcoming games. The OPTA performance data for past games is available 30 minutes after the end of a match. For past games, the OPTA performance data is available 30 minutes after the final- whistle. We always upload the teams’ initial line-ups. For future matches, the performance data from the most recent game day is also automatically uploaded. About 60 minutes before kick- off we receive the official line- up of both teams and update them automatically. On our homepage, keep an eye on the “live line-up” to make sure you stay up to date.

How long is the performance data available?

All performance data is available to you until further notice – free of charge! These include all performance data from 2014/2015, as well as the current season.

How many leagues can I simulate?

In our first year we will offer all performance data from the 1st Austrian, German and English Leagues. We plan to expand in future.

What is the purpose of the filters?

The filters are there to help you choose the right player score. With these filters you automatically see the player’s average performance over a certain period and can easily transfer the values to the player on the pitch. As you can see, you are presented with a variety of possibilities to help you find the right values for your players: The best data for the best predictions.

The simulator predicts the same outcome after some performance data was altered?

Small changes in performance data rarely have a direct influence on the calculation of the match’s outcome.

Why do simulations of past games not always coincide with the actual results?

Thanks to the TRIFAL calculation formula, we can predict 80% of matches correctly using real performance data. A reason for the remaining 20% could be that, for example, a substituting player, who played a decisive role in the outcome of the game, was not taken into account in the initial setup.

I get different results using the same player information and setup in different leagues, why?

Our calculations are specific to each league, as the technique and game plan also vary. This is why you may get slightly different results in different leagues.

Does the formula for the calculation stay the same throughout the whole year?

Simple answer – NO! Football is constantly evolving, so must our calculations to suit every new situation. However, we will always use the homepage to announce if there is to be a change to the formula before we update it.

Do I always need to be connected to the internet to use the simulator?

Yes and no. You can change the team formations or the performance data of specific players offline. However, when using the simulator to calculate a probable outcome, you will need an internet connection.

Can I place bets on games on TRIFAL?

No! Bets placed on TRIFAL are only for the Couch Coach Champion Tournament and within the free betting communities.

Who can found a betting group?

Every registered user can found his or her own betting group – whenever, wherever and always FREE OF CHARGE!

How many betting groups can a user create?

As a registered user, there is no limit to the number of groups you can create or the number of friends you can invite.

Which Leagues can bets be placed on?

For now bets can be placed on the English Premier League, the 1st German National League as well as the Austrian National League.

Will more Leagues be added in future?

We are planning to add the Champions League as well as the Spanish and Italian 1st Leagues in time for the 2016/2017 season. The integration of the EURO 2016 in France has been confirmed, further information will follow during the course of this season.

How are points calculated in betting games?

Correct outcome: 4 Points Correct goal ratio: 2 Points (e.g: Bet: 3:1 -> actual outcome 2:0) Correct tendency: 1 Point (e.g: Bet 3:1 -> actual outcome 1:0)

What is the Couch Coach Champion?

One bet can be placed for every match in the English, German and Austrian Leagues in the scope of the free Couch Coach Champion Tournament. You are eligible to participate if you are a registered user of TRIFAL, regardless of whether or not you are a Free or Premium-Member. At the end of the season the winners of each League will receive a prize, which is to be announced on the homepage.

Why is the Couch Coach Champion being started in the second half of the season?

The CCC tournament is being started in the second half of the season to ensure as many users as possible can join the tournament in this first year. In the following years the CCC tournament will be running throughout the entire season.

Is TRIFAL for free?

Registration is and always will be free of charge. The same goes for taking part in the TRIFAL betting game and creating or joining betting groups. For now, the use of all features in the simulator is also free. Few selected simulator features, as well as the add-free use, will require a fee-based Premium Membership in future.

How do I become a Premium-Member?

You´re looking at the possibility at Trifal of choosing different subscription methods. You can visit our shop in your personal area at the right top of the screen, where you can choose your league and the length of your subscription. The subscription expires at the end and will not be renewed automatically!