Countdown: Only a few more days to go until the OPEN-BETA-Version is released

Start betting against the rest of the TRIFAL-Community for FREE as soon as we enter the OPEN Beta Phase. Use our Results Simulator to really boost your chances of winning. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT: Even the Beta Phase offers you the full, up to date performance data on every player.

What’s next?

Shortly after the beginning of the Premier League, you will already have the chance to create your own betting group for FREE: invite your friends or colleagues and place your bets on games, game days or the outcome of an entire season.


During the BETA Phase, we will continuously be adding and releasing new features

  • Performance filter in the Simulator
  • Clear representation of all Player Scores
  • Performance comparison between separate parts of teams
  • Simulation of fictitious games
  • Tutorial
  • Publishing of Apps in the Apple- and Android Stores

-BETA Phase ends beginning of September-